Ski Sapphire Valley, North Carolina

​​​Ski Sapphire General Information: 828-743-7663 [Phone Directory]

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Ski Sapphire Valley is CLOSED FOR THE SEASON! Please visit and for current and upcoming news, events and specials on and off the resort!

snow board ski tube sapphire valley nc

This year's  Great Outhouse Races are on February 18, 2017

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Great Outhouse Races​ at

Ski Sapphire Valley Resort NC 

Toward the end of each ski season in the Ski Sapphire Valley Resort we all get a little restless and look for a bit of excitement, so we decided to do what comes naturally...race outhouses on ski’s down a hill! 

Come join us for the day - tube, ski, board, zip, sit by the fire, listen to music and catch the races!

Crazy? Maybe. 

Dangerous? Perhaps. 

Fun? Without a doubt! 

For a good cause? Definitely! 

Always Benefits a local charity.

Come for fun, food, music and craziness on the slopes!